Where do I start?

I’ve had this blog set up for well over a week and so far have started and deleted no less than ten blog posts. Without any idea of where to start or how to unravel the mess of thoughts in my head it’s been a bit of a non starter. Plagued by doubts and internal cries of “Who will read this?” and “Why am I even bothering?”, I’ve sat frozen in fear. Fingers poised over the keyboard, cup of tea slowly morphing from scorching hot to tepid warm as I stare blankly at the glowing screen, unable to jolt myself away from my self induced, trance like state.

I’m a member of Sarah Clark’s group ‘Copywriting for Clever Girls‘, and have watched in awe as other members share their own blog posts and websites while wondering “Why can’t that be me?”. I close my laptop and toddle off to put the kettle on, kicking myself for not being courageous enough to put myself out there, for not being brave enough to put my thoughts out there for all to see. Worried that no one will read, or worse still that people will read, judge and have bad opinions of what I’ve managed to scribble across the page.

So what’s changed?


I read this on Facebook and it made so much sense to me that I HAD to sit down and pop my blogging cherry.

So here I am. Writing because I need to, because I have to and because…….well, why the fuck not?



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