Daily Spiritual Practice

I’m not sure whether it’s the post Christmas or New Year blues or whether it’s the powerful full moon we experienced recently but a lot of my friends have felt directionless. The things that used to bring us joy are no longer holding the allure they once held and we’ve found ourselves questioning our intentions, our directions and our path in general.

I’ve been no different. I’ve been questioning the point of a lot of things and have struggled with my own path. One thing I’ve realised is that in the last 18 months or so I’ve lost my spiritual connection. Maybe lost is too strong of a word as it’s still there, but I’d lost my ability to be open to it. I’ve actually felt so lost that I was verging on depression again and that realisation made me sit up and take note.


In an attempt to kick start the Divine within, I started to read Daily Teachings, The Magic and Raise Your Vibration and straight away I realised I’d dropped writing in my gratitude journal each day. It seems like such a small thing and generally only takes 10-15 minutes but it helps to shift your mindset from the negatives to the positives. I’d highly recommend starting your own if you haven’t already. Simply take the time every morning to write 10 things you’re grateful for or things that make you feel blessed and really feel the gratitude for those things as you write. To start with finding 10 things may seem like a hard task, but the more you practice it, the easier it gets as your brain starts rewiring itself to see the good things in your life. You don’t have to have a fancy journal to do this, you can even do it on scraps of paper or on the back of bills, but who doesn’t love a brand new fancy notebook? (I adore Paperchase journals, they’re so lush!)


Another fab read for anyone struggling with their spiritual path is Light Is The New Black by Rebecca Campbell. I highly recommend this book as it’s a really easy read, very short snippets of info and you walk away from it feeling as if it was written just for you.¬†Reading these books has actually sparked the need to meditate again (which I haven’t done for absolutely ages! Shame on me!) and it’s really helped raise my vibrations and everything seems brighter than it did, even though circumstances haven’t changed.

When we really feel lost and don’t feel like doing anything, we really have to push ourselves to make the first step. Read a book, meditate, paint something, go for a walk in nature…..anything that helps you make that first connection to Self and The Divine. Believe me, the first step is the hardest. It gets so much easier after the initial move in the right direction.


Love and Light

Rayven. xx


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